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Mr. Jeremy Teague

This is a picture of Mr. Teague.


I have been a teacher with Hamilton county for 7 years, 6 of those years in 2nd grade. I enjoy teaching all the various personalities that I see from year to year. I especially love getting to know students throughout our school. I like to have fun in and out of the classroom. When reading stories to students, I enjoy putting voices and feeling into what I am reading. It makes the stories that much more enjoyable for everyone.

This is a picture of Mr. Teague's family standing in front of a waterfall. I have a wife and 2 very interesting children. My daughter is a musician and plays the flute. My son is a builder and can make something interesting out of nearly any material. We really enjoy the Chattanooga area, but also love to visit family and friends in Florida, Michigan, and Oregon. We really like waterfalls, like those found in Tennessee and Oregon.

This is a picture of Mr. Teague working with a jigsaw.One of the things that I enjoy doing the most outside of school is building things. Last summer I replaced the handrail on the deck in the back of our house. This summer, I remodeled the living room, dining room, and hall of our house. I like to work with saws, hammers, rulers, drills, and nailers. My favorite tool I like to work with is the scroll saw. I love to make intricate and fun pictures out of wood and especially love to see finished woodworking projects.

This is a picture of a crispy rice roll treat that Mr. Teague made.
Another of my favorite things to do is cooking. I love making breads,
casseroles, and sweets. I like being in the kitchen and making a mess, but would rather have someone clean it up for me when I'm done. I am getting really good at making treats and cookies. I love it when people try my cooking for the first time and enjoy it like I do.

I also enjoy doing art in and out of my classroom. Here are a few works of art that I created to help teach students how to do their own art.

This is a picture of a purple flower Mr. Teague did for art class.

            Purple flower made with oil pastel and watercolor.

This is a picture of a blue dragonfly Mr. Teague painted for art class.

Garden helper blue dragonfly made with oil pastel and watercolor.

Clay push pot with ladybugs made by Mr. Teague for art class.

              Ladybug push pot made with clay.

At Bess T. Shepherd, I work with Ms. Smith in coaching our LEGO Robotics team. It is a great opportunity for students to exercise their creativity and problem solving skills. We learn the First LEGO League Core Values, do a research project, and build & program a robot to solve challenges. Going to competition is always a highlight of our year.
This is a picture of a LEGO robot built by students at Bess T. Shepherd Elementary.

This is a picture of Mr. Teague throwing a disc off of a tee in disc golf.I enjoy the outdoors, and have been especially interested lately in Disc Golf. I like to get out and go for a walk, while trying to do my best to get the disc in the basket in the fewest throws possible. In that way, it is a lot like regular golf, except without all of the expense. Most Disc Golf courses (and there are a lot of them) are free to use for the public. I like the fact that there are many different shots to attempt for different obstacles on each course. The more I play, the more practice I get, and the more practice I get, the better I become. In this way, Disc Golf is much like anything in life. In anything we do, it takes practice to improve and even more practice to inch ever closer toward perfection.
This is a picture of Mr. Teague throwing a disc into a basket in disc golf.

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