Dress Code

Bess T. Shepherd Elementary requires appropriate dress for students. Maintaining safety and focusing on learning will continue to be areas of importance. Bess T. Shepherd School dress code is as follows:

Boys: Long pants or mid-thigh shorts (below finger tips when arms are held to side of body) with a collared shirt or acceptable T-shirts. Boys must wear belts if pants have belt loops or pants that hang loose around waist!

Girls: Dresses, long pants, or mid-thigh shorts and skirts, (below finger-tips when arms are held to at side of body) blouses and acceptable T-shirts.

Not allowed: T-shirts with vulgar or suggestive messages for alcohol/drug products, tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriff tops, flip flops, sandals, roller heel shoes, clogs, crocs, (heels and toes must be covered) baggy, sagging or oversized pants, caps/hats/bandannas/sunglasses (except on designated school days). Apparel, dress, or grooming that is or may become potentially disruptive of the classroom atmosphere or educational process shall not be permitted. (Taken from Hamilton County School Board Policy) Students violating the dress code will call parents to bring them replacement articles of clothing. Continued disregard for dress code will result in further disciplinary action.
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